Creasis at work

Who are Creasis Studios?
Meet the core team

We are a team who are genuinely passionate about what we do. We want to feel like part of your team and you to feel that you can rely on us to support you.

We know you could choose one of the millions of other web design agencies out there. We know that some will be cheaper, some will have more beautiful offices and some will serve you latte with a fancy biscuit.

So why pick us? Quite simply because we listen and deliver. Your project, big or small, is important to us. No hard-selling salesman will roll up spouting the values of apps and why you should have one. We'll just tell you honestly what you need to do and how we can help you to do it.

Asking questions is how we do our business. We know the digital world like no other, but we can only provide the right solution for you by working with you to understand your business and ensure that we address your needs.

In many respects, this is what sets us aside as Digital Consultants, from ‘Web Designers’. Rather than simply understanding ‘web’, we understand ‘Digital’ including websites, apps, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing) and more.

We combine a mountain of hard won knowledge in the Digital World with strategy and marketing to provide your business with the very best solution.

Nik Anstis

Director / Co-Founder

A passionate, multi disciplined creative expert who takes every project to heart.

Craig Mason

Director / Co-Founder

Experienced leader in the design and creation of complex digital platforms. Craig has overseen the development of applications for government and corporate sector, and provides this technical expertise to all projects he manages.

Darren Trethewey

Senior Developer

Overseeing key projects at Creasis, Darren has established a reputation for high quality and superb client support.

Mike Anyon

Senior Project Manager

Project manager, Account Manger, and Systems Analyst on a variety of technical and creative projects. Mike has worked in the fields of App Development, Web development, Social fashion Video and Step by Step fashion trend Photography. He is always looking for interesting problems to solve, and prides himself on making our clients feel comfortable and assured at all stages of a project.

Alex Schoenfelder

Marketing Manager

Since joining the Creasis team from Schwarzkopf Professional, Alex's impact has been profound. His love of detail and all things analytical has allowed the teams to push our clients ROI on their budgets.

Rafal Kaczmarek

Senior Designer

Rafal is the core of Creasis' design department keeping his highly trained eye on every project and making sure designers sweat pure creativity. He can spot a misaligned pixel from 100 yards!

Cheuk Man Ng

iOS Developer

Creative and Passionate, since joining the team Cheuk has pushed the boundaries of what is possible and has ensured that there is never a dull day in the development team.

Jon MacDonald

Senior CG Artist

Jon lives and breathes 3D. His talent and skill in 3D modelling, particle simulation, 3D fluid systems and animation has pushed the already very high quality levels of motion graphics we produce to a new level of realism and creativity entirely!


Senior Animator

As a crucial member of the video production team Alex always has a thousand concepts in his head and the skills to realise them.

Joe Jackson


Joe's talent is evident, delivering stunning shots one after the other and all with a huge smile on his face

Simon Vacher

Cameraman & Co-Editor

Simon's sense of timing is second to none, leading to incredible footage that always gets you toe tapping

Josh Corby

Junior Designer

Josh has an eye for detail and injects his enthusiasm and creativity into every piece of work. A great guy to have as part of the creative team

At Creasis Studios we believe that every project is unique.
We pride ourselves on being an Idea's Company, an agency that looks at things differently and injects passion into everything we do.
Please get in touch, tell us about your next project and put our creative team to the test.