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Client: Schwarzkopf Professional

Essential Looks is one of Schwarzkopf Professional's flag ship apps. Available on both, iOS and Android, it gives Salon Owners and Hair Dressers access to the Essential Looks Trend Report. It includes A-Z guides, step-by-step videos and Multi-Angle, 360-degree photography.

Schwarzkopf Professional leads the industry from the front with its bi-annual Trend Report. Distilling the catwalks of Paris, London, New York, and Milan down for its users and providing new and exciting trends for them to use in their salons.

As technology evolved and personal devices became more powerful, the ways in which users could interact with the Trend Report content also expanded hugely. This required the previously solely desktop application to be extended to tablets and mobile phones.

Schwarzkopf Professional called on Creasis-Studios to design and develop a next generation app experience, allowing users to engage with the incredible wealth of inspirational and educational content of Essential Looks like never before.

Essential Looks contains a plethora of different media - from in-depth educational guides, Multi-Angle immersive video, 360 Degree Photography, AR Experiences and step-by-step educational training videos.


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We worked with Schwarzkopf Professional's internal stakeholders to create the new dynamic, customisable Essential Looks Application, which now puts the power of Essential Looks into the hands of every user. Our content managers worked closely with the Creative Team at Schwarzkopf Professional from the initial shoot meetings, to the shoots themselves as well as during the final media processing, to ensure their vision was transferred visually and technically into the hands of their clients. 

Users can explore each new trend in great detail, starting with the catwalks it came from and moving through the creative process. At each step, a user is shown the necessary techniques and disciplines needed to create the truly stunning creations on screen.

Essential Looks is far more than an educational tool, it is a force for change and a testament to the inspiration and creative forces behind it.


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A-Z Products and Techniques
Trend Inspiration
Trend Report
Dynamic Streamed Content
Augmented Reality Content

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