Paul van Dyk, Vandit Knights
Multi-Angle, 360 Degree Camera Rig

Client: Paul van Dyk

A bespoke immersive experience, created by utilising content captured from our own multi-camera rig. Suspended above Paul van Dyk it allows the viewer to glide around Paul and expierence the set from his perspective.

We were asked by Paul van Dyk’s team to travel to Prague and assemble and install our multi-angle camera rig to capture the energy, emotion and Paul’s view of the audience from his DJ set. The custom made 9 camera rig  was suspended above Paul’s decks and allowed users to move around Paul in a way never before possible.


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We first prototyped a rig to test the viability of the project's fundamental requirements and then set to work testing and considering all variables. This approach allowed us to accommodate the power supply while meeting the weight constraints as well as compensating the spreakers' vibrations.

Eventually, we built a large aluminium octagonal suspended film rig, each corner fitted with cameras. An additional camera at the top centre of the rig allowed us to capture unique full 360 degree footage of the DJ’s musical talents. Additionally, the stage was equipped with 3D cameras and a Black Magic 4K Production Camera for an audience view of Paul whilst recording his gig on an H4 Professional 4-Channel Recorder.


Bespoke Lightweight Multi-Camera Rig
9 Remote Operable Cameras
4-Channel Audio Recording
3D Audience View
4K Paul van Dyk View


Paul van Dyk
Vandit Knights

Paul van Dyk Arena

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