Igora Highlifts Launch Movie.

Technical Promo Video for IGORA ROYAL Highlifts.

Directly integrating the benefits of the extremely successful bonding technology which revolutionised the hairdressing industry in recent months, the relaunch campaign for the new Highlifts range required a brand film explaining the product's advanced technology while delivering an aspirational look and feel showcasing the looks made possible by the new formula.

Promotional Video
Technical Visualisation
Fluid Simulation

From tried & trusted to new & innovative.

Hairdressers need to be able to rely on colouration results and the trust the existing Highlifts range had built with customers had to be protected. To communicate the vastly improved product performance while retaining the heritage of the tried and trusted Highlifts, the fact that it combines the best of two products is communicated right in the beginning.

No Words Needed.

Thanks to digital fluid simulation and Rigid Body Dynamics, it was possible to achieve a visual language which makes the USP immediatly understandable. Mixing the previously separate products in a powerful explosion of colour, their contents ultimately transforming into the new and improved IGORA Highlifts.

Technology Visualisation.

Colour formulations and the underlying chemical reactions are complex and the video had to educate the professional clients on how the new bonding technology protects their customers' hair to ensure confident in-salon usage and sales.

The microscopic hair scans from the chemical research team were hard to understand and lacked visual appeal. Making use of a digital hair model, the product benefits were simulated in accordance with the recommended in-salon services, creating an educational step by step guide and comprehensible technology showcase alike.

Inspiring Looks.

Framing the attention grabbing intro sequence and the technical animations, catwalk hairstyles created with the new Highlifts formulas are seamlessly weaved into the 3D sequences and serve as inspiration for how hairdressers can make use of the new products to create looks for their clients.

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