Indola Blogger Tutorials.

Social Influencer Content Series.

Relaunching with the aspiration to offer 24/7 digital support and to make the looks from the accompanying Street Style Collection accessible to every hairdresser around the world, a hands-on content series for the INDOLA ed(you)cation platform was produced in cooperation with a variety of industry influencers.

Influencer Tutorials
Motion Graphics & Editing

Indola Blogger Tutorials

Adapting a print-CI for YouTube.

The new INDOLA CI relies heavily on the ever so popular Flat Lay Style spreading from digital magazines to social media channels - and was a real challenge to adapt so that it would work with dozens of tutorials showing different techniques, products and influencers.

Eventually, a flexible template embedding the video footage into digital flat lays with a tangible appeal was created, allowing for customisation of each video and contextual information to be displayed while keeping a consistent look and feel.

Creating a Truly International Content Series.

As the tutorials were made available to an audience spread across the globe, it was imperative that the influencers' knowledge was made available in multiple languages. To make this possible, a flexilbe post production pipeline, including an in-house cloud translation platform to provide spot on subtitles in cooperation with the local marketing teams was used.

Cross-Platform Implementation.

The result is a universally understandable education for Seminar PowerPoints thanks to embedded subtitles and customisable subtitles optimised for large and small screens on various social media channels.

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