Session Label Product Innovation.

Session Label Relaunch Support.

The best Catwalk Stylists are hard to impress - all the better that the Session Label Relaunch introduced some real innovations like the outstanding Powder Cloud. Pack shots, a mood film, Social Media Teasers and an interactive Canvas Ad were created to support the international brand communication with unique content.

Promotional Video
Pack shots
Facebook Canvas Ads

Product Launch Video.

With its super fine consistency floating through the air, Powder Cloud was the perfect centerpiece to stand for the innovative range. Utilising Digital Particle Simulation, this product film depicts the application in otherwise impossible to capture detail and matches the aspirational aesthetics of the latest catwalk trends.

Social Media Teasers.

Laid out to be mystical and captivating from the start, Teasers were produced to build excitement for the global relaunch of the Session Label range on various Social Media Channels prior to the international launch.

Facebook Canvas Ad.

Social Media Advertising for the lauch heavily relied on a full fledged canvas ad immersing the targeted audience into the iconic world of Session Label defined by Catwalk Looks and the new products' outstanding features - including, panoramic range shot and animations for improved engagement.

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